Lately my nerves have been very raw as I face uncertainty and a lot of change in my life, but the one thing that remains the same is how I feel hiking

The winding trees on this trail made me feel like I was in Alice in Wonderland! Photo by writer.

Recently I have gone on a few hikes completely alone and at times, it has terrified me. I jump very easily at the wind blowing through the trees, a squirrel scurrying up a tree, or an owl taking flight from a nearby branch. While these moments get my heart pounding and often make me wonder if I should turn back and give up, every weekend I find myself back in the woods.

So why do I keep subjecting myself to this kind of fear? Because it is the only thing that feels real right now. Beginning in March 2020, my…

I have recently being doing a lot of hiking and bring along my camera in hopes of capturing some wildlife along the way. Of course I have dreams of capturing a clear and up close image like the one below, but I have a lot of practicing to do before this becomes a reality.

Photo by Scott Carroll on Unsplash

Well, this weekend I failed miserably! I began hiking a trail and about 2 minutes in jumped as I heard something in a nearby tree. I looked up just in time to see an Owl staring at me. He was about 10 feet from me for…

Since returning from my trip to Colorado, I’ve been searching for something as close as I can get to that outdoor experience that I can do locally here in Florida on the weekends.

I began with a search on the All Trails app as I remembered that being a tool a friend of mine who used to work in the outdoor industry used often. I found several places nearby and began exploring.

While some of the trails have had some pretty sights, I really miss the mountain views that Colorado provided. …

Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

I knew this time would come, the time my dream of working from home ended. Recently, my company has been discussing strategies to ruin my life I mean return to the office.

In just the first couple of weeks working from home, I noticed so many positive changes in myself. I was no longer on edge constantly for fear of someone walking up behind me. Having had some trauma in my past, I jump pretty easily which is embarrassing at work. I narrowly missed elbowing my boss in the face one day when I didn’t hear him approach me. …

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

I was listening to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast this morning and a quote from the guest strongly resonated with me. Jakob Dylan is the lead singer and primary songwriter for the band The Wallflowers and said, “nostalgia is the greatest intoxicant” referring to music and what it does to our brains when we hear a song. Many times we will hear a song that reminds us of a time in our life where we felt intense emotions.

Ed Sheeran’s entire X album reminds me of my divorce because I played it on repeat on the seven hour drive away…

I recently was able to spend ten days in Colorado and fell in love with it! The vast mountains, beautiful weather, lakes and rivers, and walking/biking paths nearly everywhere you look left me looking for a way to get back out west as soon as possible.

I have lived in Florida for the majority of my life and besides a long weekend in California for a wedding, I have not spent time in the west. As a former restaurant employee, most of my prior trips I spent visiting local restaurants and bars. This trip, I had a list of places…

I never anticipated competing when I began Jiu-Jitsu in June 2020 and after winning my first tournament… I am not sure I will again.

My team and I after the tournament!

I never anticipated competing when I started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but here I am with an amazing training partner who encouraged me to compete and su[ported me through the entire journey.

The few weeks leading up to the competition, we trained five to six times a week, drilling techniques we struggled with and ensuring we were on track to make weight. Making weight… that was a journey. Because there are not many women in their…

I spent the past two years aggressively paying off my car early. Now, I am searching for a new financial strategy and new motivation.

Photo by Nathan Trampe on Unsplash

Two years ago I bought a car in a rush. While I did end up buying the car I wanted (2016 Ford Fusion), I bought through a dealership and probably overpaid by jumping in so quickly. This was the first time I had a car payment as I was given a car from a family friend for my high school graduation and received another generous gift when that car failed.

I grew up being taught that…

We’ve all had uncomfortable moments where we are approached by our manager with mistakes we’ve made in the workplace. Hopefully, most of these mistakes are not detrimental to our careers, but a “learning opportunity” as management so condescending likes to call them.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

The initial instinct of most people presenting with a mistake they have made is to get defensive or point the finger at someone else in order to remove the blame from themselves. However, if this is truly a mistake that a person has made, denial is only going to make them look childish and unreliable.

I have found…

For the last month and on and off throughout my life, I have had the unpleasant experience of waking up with a stomach ache. My stomach will feel completely empty but still hurt for no consistent reason than I have been able to find.

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

I did a lot of researching and experimenting and have finally found the combination that works best for me. I am in no way a medical professional, I just know what is working for me and my body currently.

The five items I consume on a daily basis that has resolved my morning stomach issues are…

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